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Friends of Heatherton

Dear HFNC Friend,

Our wonderful club was founded in 1913 and has a proud history of providing the local community with a venue, equipment, coaches and facilities for participation in this great sport we all love.

We have all enjoyed our time at the "Tunners", some of us have never left it seems. Many keep an active interest whilst others have drifted away. We would like to keep in touch with as many of the HFNC family as we can. If you know of any colleagues who we might find difficult to track please let me Damien Cody know

So that we can communicate with you on a regular basis we would ask you to send us your email address. Please also make our website your homepage It will keep you up to date with all that is happening and has a wealth of history and old team photos for you to browse.

We would like to launch a new fund raising program called Friends of Heatherton.

Running a football club in these times is not getting any easier. Today we need to turnover well in excess of $130,000 pa to put two teams on the field. Fees to the SFNL for Affiliation, Umpires and Player Insurance are around $25,000. Cost of trainers and Medical supplies near on $10,000 and the list goes on. But if we can cover the costs of these two areas we are well on the way. We have set up a separate account, which we will set aside for payment of these expenses.

Friends of Heatherton is a simple, easy way to make a contribution to the Tunners, and with little or no pain! Simply ask your bank to credit our account with your pledged amount on a weekly basis, and it's done. From $5 per week to as much as you like, it will go a long way towards securing the future of the Heatherton Football Netball Club.

You will find our banking details and instructions here. We will notify you once we have successfully received your payment and will also confirm with you if there is any change, to ensure your wishes are being complied with.

As a contributor to Friends of Heatherton you will receive a special membership card entitling you to free ground entry at all SFNL games during the home and away season, half time lunches at home games, and free entry in special promotions which will be announced early next season.

We would also like to speak to anyone who is interested in our other Sponsorship packages for business, which can include a host of benefits such as signage, media and promotion.

Thank you in anticipation.

Go Tunners!

John Bennett

Banking Instructions:
Please provide your bank with your instructions and our banking details. If you have internet banking it is easy to do it on-line. In the description put HFNC J Smith (ie. your name).

Here are the details of Bendigo Bank account:

Name: Heatherton Football Club Inc
Account No: 131478554

2016 Ladder


Cheltenham Moorabbin RSL

Cheltenham Moorabbin RSL


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